The Articles of Japan Poets Association

Japan Poets Association Constitution

(Founded on January 21, 1950. Renamed to the current name on January 15, 1960)


Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1: The purpose of the associatoin shall be to protect the Japanese poets interests, contribute to the development and promotion of modern poetry, promote international activities, and deepen the poets friendship.

Article 2: This association shall be called Japan Poets Association.

Article 3: The office shall be placed in Tokyo in principal.


Chapter 2: Membership

Article 4: The members of the association shall consist of the poets and the critiques.

Article 5: The members must pay membership due and follow the constitution.

Article 6: In order to enroll the association, one shall:

  1. have published the collection of poetry, critics, translation, or critics of translation, or showed achievements equivalent.
  2. submit the recommendation from the regular member and the board member.
  3. be approved by the board.
  4. have paid the enrollment and membership due. If one who are granted H Award and Modern Poet Award was not the member, he will gain the qualification from the board. The enrollment due shall not be required in this case.

Article 7: The one who withdraws shall submit the document to the board and be approved of the board.

Article 8: The board may dismiss the member from the association if the one ruined the honor of the association and neglected his duty.

Article 9: The association can place the Honorary Member and the Supporting Member in addition to the member in Article 4.

The Honorary Member shall be chosen in the minutes of meeting by the board. He shall be the one who contributed to the improvement of Japanese poetry and the association.

The Honorary Member shall gain all the right as the regular member except the eligibility for election.

The Honorary Member shall not be required to pay the membership due.

The Supporting Member shall not gain the right as the regular member. If necessary, he shall support activities of the association.

The Supporting Member shall agree with the intent of the association, and pay the annual membership due.


Chapter 3: Activities

Article 10: The association shall:

  1. protect the copyright of the publishing of the poets.
  2. assist the growth of the social status of the poets.
  3. support the life of the poets.
  4. grant the gifts of celebration and condolence.
  5. hold the lecture, course, workshop, and exhibition.
  6. exchange internationally.
  7. participate and cooperate to the international meetings.
  8. translate the poetry.
  9. publish the newsletter and promote the new book of poems and publishing.
  10. praise the poets who contributed to the improvement of the modern poetry.
  11. bestow the prize.
  12. engage on the other activities.


Chapter 4: Accounting

Article 11: The expenses of the association shall be funded by

  1. dues
  2. contributions
  3. royalties of the publishing, lectures, courses, and other sources.

Article 12: A member shall pay 10,000 yen, a supporting member shall pay 20,000 yen or more per unit for the membership due.

Article 13: A new member shall pay 30,000 yen for the enrollment due.

Article 14: The fiscal year of the association shall begin on the 1st of July and end on the 30th of June of the following year.


Chapter 5: Officers

Article 15: The JPA shall establish a chairman, councils, auditors, and a representative of Poetry Award and Charitable Trust.

Article 16: The board of JPA shall comprise 18 members. If the chairman is not elected from the board, the board shall comprise 18 members including the chairman.

Article 17: The board shall be elected by the secret plural voting of 10 members.

Article 18: The term of presidency and the board shall be two years. The board shall serve two two-year terms and may not be appointed. More than 13 members shall not serve two two-year terms at the same time.

Article 19: The board of councils shall elect a chairman from the regular member. The board shall elect the board chairman, the vice board chairman and two executive directors.

Article 20: The chairman represents the JPA, chairs the meeting of the board, presides over the management of all the association.

Article 21: The board chairman assists the chairman. If the chairman becomes unable to perform the duty, the board chairman takes over his duty. The vice board chairman assists the board chairman. If the board chairman becomes unable to perform the duty, the vice board chairman takes over his duty.

Article 22: The board of councils shall hold a meeting monthly. If necessary, the board shall hold an extraordinary meeting.

Article 23: The board of councils shall not hold a meeting unless the majority of its members are present. Decisions shall be reached by a majority of the members present.

Article 24: The councils shall be appointed by the chairman.

Article 25: The JPA shall establish an accountant and two auditors. The auditors shall be elected from the member by the board. The term shall be two years. A representative of Poetry Award and Charitable Trust shall be established to organize H Award and Modern Poetry Award. The representative shall be elected by the agreement of Charitable Trust. The board shall agree with it.

Article 26: The JPA shall establish the councils if necessary. The chairman shall approve the councils.


Chapter 6: General Meeting

Article 27: The board shall hold a general meeting annually in August and report:

  1. Activities
  2. Accountings
  3. Updates of the constitution
  4. enrollment and dismissal of members
  5. election of the councils
  6. election of the selectors of the prize

Article 28: The general meeting shall not be held unless one third of the members are present.

Article 29: Decisions shall be reached by a majority of the member present, with the chair serving as tie-breaker as needed.

Article 30: The board shall hold the extraordinary general meeting if one third of the members or the board required.

Article 31:The board must record the minutes of meeting by boards, and keep the record.


Chapter 7: Amendment to the Constitution

Article 32: Amendment to the constitution shall be decided by two thirds of agreement including a letter of attorney.