Greetings from Chairman, Board Chairman, and Vice Board Board Chairman.


Takashi Kuroiwa, Chairman

 I will be the new Chairman of Japan Poet’s Association. I will place great effort into being as helpful to all the members of the Association as possible. I am looking forward working for two years.
 Japan Poet’s Association commemorates 70th anniversary in 2020. We will be having anniversary events. We will also publish 70th anniversary anthology. I believe every member’s cooperation is essential to make the association fun place. I would also like to follow the Article 1 of the association. I hope the association to be a place for people who love poetry.

“70th Anniversary” Board Chairman: Takaaki Yamada

 I am extremely grateful to all the members who cooperated with us. In the previous term, there were many poets to join the association. While most of the literary groups are struggling to recruit members, it is a great news. However, at the same time, it is a sad news that many members passed away.
 I was elected Board Chairman in the 2nd board meeting in 2019. We will mark 70th anniversary in 2020. We will prepare for the anniversary with the committee and the board member together.
 We will have six events by region until 2021. It is because we take the poetry in each region serious. In May 2020, we will have Japan Poetry Festival, which will be a great festival to celebrate 70th anniversary. Let’s get to these events all together.
 I would like to ask you all again for your warm support and cooperation. Thank you.

Vice Board Chairman Masayuki Tamura

 I will be the new Vice Board Chairman of Japan Poet’s Association. I will place great effort into being as helpful to Mr. Kuroiwa and Mr. Yamada as possible.
 We have approached 70th anniversary of Japan Poets Association.
 We received a poem and biography of each member. Almost 940 members sent us the works for us. The anthology will be published in next spring.
 The anthology team, including Ms. Shindo, Mr. Ikura, Mr. Aki, and Mr. Niinobe, wrote some words in the book. I believe it will be a great book. I would like to express my appreciation for all the helps from the members.
 I will do my best to work hard and contribute all I can.


Greeting from  Chairman: Ryoko Shindo

 The weather has been unusual this year. The flood occurred due to the typhoon. Unfortunately, I found Lower House dissolved on the news now.
North Korea launched the missile to threaten us. Deflation has not overcome yet. We are having real trouble today. I hope the government is newly augurated by the time this book reaches to you.
 On such an occasion, I decided to take after the position of Chairman. Perhaps no one wanted to take after. I realized it because I too had declined number of times.
 Though I have not done anything helpful for anyone, I received the honorable position of Senior Poet. When I was sick or lonely for losing my sibling, many poets gave me kind words.
 I must not forget their kindness.
 This is the word from Mr. Makoto Ohoka. I need not to be worried since I have able partners including Mr. Aki, Board Chairman.
 This is the everyday motto of Shinpei Kusano, the poet we all respect.

 We compensate our poetry
 in international view,
 devote ourselves into poetry
 without any flags or parties.

 I will not bring politics even though I vote. My willing is to assist Associations like the breeze in the forest.
 Thank you for your kind support.


“For developing Japan Poets Associations” Board Chairman: Akira Aki

 More than a year passed since the new website of Japan Poets Associations opened. It is looking good.
 Not only to exchange information between the members, but the new website also tries to stimulate young people who are interested to words, poetry, and literature.
 Opening the reader’s column is one of the efforts. Fresh poets have already been appeared.
We welcome new poets who want to join us. Blow the new wind into Association. You are most welcomed.
 I assume there are poets to come who are deciding. Any questions or requirements are welcome. Either e-mail, telephone, or FAX is acceptable. We will be waiting for you.
 We are having 70th anniversary in three years. I hope Association to improve by the cooperation with all the member of the board, including Ryoko Shindo, Chairman, Hiromichi Yamamoto, Vice Board Chairman, Mamoru Kikuta and Kohei Ikura, Makoto Isshiki, and Takaaki Yamada.
 I believe that Association works by each poet who is responsible for themselves.
 Both the weather and society are brooding nowadays.
 However, the culture and poetry will not stop evolving ever.
 Best wish.

“Greeting” Vice Chairman: Hiromichi Yamamoto

 For a few years, I haven’t written poems and proses. When I had time, I was on the journey to Asia taking some photography. I walked through the bazaars, was blown the mighty river winds, and saw the ravages of war and conflict. Therefore, I don’t remember when I wrote something to the public last time.
 I was selected for the board member for the first time in five years. I received the position questioning to myself if I had anything I could do. The aging population is also the problem in the world of poetry. It is important to be interested to the young poets. I am seeking what I can do now.
 Our board members are talented including Ryoko Shindo, Chairman, and Akira Aki, Board Chairman. I will assist the future of Association at my best.