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Japan Poets Association aims to protect the Japanese poets’ interests, contribute to the development and promotion of modern poetry, promote the association internationally, and deepen the friendship between poets.

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 Ishida Mizuho
 Yutaka Ninomiya

  • 71th H Prize
    Kei Ishimatsu

  • 39th
    Modern Poetry Prize
    Yuriika Suzuki

  • Chairman
    Takashi Kuroiwa

  • The Representa
    of Charitable Trust
    Kohei Ikura

  • International Exchange
    Poets in Kazakhstan

  • Vietnam Poetry Day in Hanoi

  • Vietnamese Poet, Ain Ngoc

  • Korean Poet, Ko Hyeong-ryeol

  • Korean Poet, Oh Sae-young

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Japan Poetry Festival 2019 / Reading of Collected Poems Prize

Publication of Japan Poets Association

  • The Record of Modern Poetry2020

  • International Exchange Seminar

  • Modern Poetry 2021